About us

Star Kids Playroom

Exclusive location

We are situated in the most luxurious neighborhood of Belgrade, namely Belgrade Waterfront.

About us

Our idea
How many times have you searched for a space that you would enjoy as much as your children?!
That is exactly how this story came to be. A unique space not only for children, but also for parents.
The playroom in conjunction with the café spreads over 400 sq. m, allowing you to be near your children, but to enjoy your peace and cup of coffee nevertheless.
Our vision
We chose the most luxurious location in Belgrade, namely Belgrade Waterfront.
Above all, our playroom is intended for birthday celebrations, but also for a break during sunny days that you will spend walking by the river. Star Kids Playroom – a place where the entire family will enjoy.

Birthday celebrations

Birthday celebrations last for 2,5 hours and they can be attended only by you and your guests. The playroom along with the café spreads over 400 sq. m. and the space is reserved exclusively for the enjoyment of your children, you, as well as your guests…
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